Cuban Government Opponent Pablo Moya Moved to a Prison in Santiago de Cuba

Pablo Moya is currently self-employed after being a sailor for about 40 years. (Unpacu)

14ymedio bigger14ymedio, Havana, 22 October 2020 — Pablo Moya Delá, an opposition figure who is a member of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (Unpacu) has been transferred to the Aguadores prison in Santiago de Cuba, according to his son, Daineris Moya García, who spoke with the newspaper Cubanet.

According to Daineris, “From early hours I was in the PNR (People’s Revolutionary Police) to receive information. The very angry guard officer told me: I have told you three times that he was taken to prison. I complained about the bad form and threw me out of the place,” said Daineris, who defined as the news “hard.”

Moya Delá, 65, was arrested while protesting against the shortages in the stores and the repression, and he was then taken to the Eleventh Police Station of San Miguel Padrón, Havana. There he maintained a 23-day hunger strike despite having a delicate health due to various unspecified pathologies, according to his family, and he was later transferred to Santiago de Cuba as an “illegal” — that is lacking the residency papers required live in Havana — where he was held in La Territorial police station, in the municipality from Palma Soriano, until Monday.

“At the head of the case was the repressor Norbelis, with license plate number 24471, who told me that it was the courts’ fault that my father was in prison, and, of course, I replied that the courts, the prosecution and the PNR, they were still the same thing, all in the hands of the regime,” his son told Cubanet.

Moya Delá, self-employed, is former sailor and promoter of the Cuba Decides initiative. He has lived with his wife in Havana for years, where he maintains his opposition activity; but the authorities consider his residence illegal and, each time he has been detained, he has been taken back to Santiago de Cuba, where he is from.

On this occasion, the transfer back to Santiago de Cuba has been slow to occur due to the Covid-19 control measures that impede interprovincial circulation, according to his colleague Zaqueo Báez, who affirms that Moya is accused of tax evasion, but the reasons for his detention are ideological.

According to the latest report by the Cuban Prisoners Defenders organization, in the last year in Cuba 52 new political prisoners have been added to the list, bringing the total to 138 of which 49 belong to Unpacu.


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