Freedom / Luzbely Escobar

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Today’s World

What Robertico Carcasses did at the Anti-Imperialistic Bandstand was an act of freedom and so can’t be looked at from a moral point of view. Some say that the cause for which the concert was called is “sacred” and consider his act one of “stupidity” but I believe that in Cuba there is not one cause more sacred than other. What Robertico said is a feeling shared by many Cubans and that is what this is not a contradiction with the initial cause.

It’s certain that for this act of freedom, by definition he had to make decisions ahead of time because this type of demonstration is always preceded by prior break from self-censorship, a leap over the invisible obstacles that normally obstruct our most sincere expression but once this frontier is crossed the most absolute freedom is what guides us. In other places, where there is no need to cross those obstacles, this freedom doesn’t take place and the person is simply starring in a reality absent obstacles to his expression.

In Cuban a good does of courage is always needed for these types of actions. That’s why Robertico later earned the respect of many on his Facebook page. Those who want to manipulate what happened that day — an authentic and happy improvisation by Robertico’s group, Interactive — are victims of the obstacles to free expression, they are forming a part of the fence against the freedom inherent in man, at every artistic event.

20 September 2013

Truth / Luzbely Escobar

The people have never been lied to. The unity of our people is not based on idolatry of an individual or in a servile cult to an individual, it is based in a deep and solid political political consciousness. And the relations between the leadership of our Revolution with the people are based on the consciousness, are based on the principals, are based on the proven loyalty, are based, among other things, on the fact that the people have never been lied to. Fidel, 18 July 1985
Five Heroes of the Nation. They will return!
The lie can travel very far, but in the end, the truth prevails. Long live Fidel.


30 August 2013