Marvels of Poland / Luzbely Escobar

Recently a person who just arrived from a trip to Poland told me about a technique he learned in a workshop there. According to her, the teacher said you could use the lens of a camera in front of a mobile phone to make photographs that aren’t usually possible with the camera on a cellphone. I got home and tried it with some old lenses I had, one a Zenith and the other a Canon. It didn’t work like I thought but still the result was beautiful.



My husband had the idea that we could do the same but with the lens mounted on the camera. Then we took out the tripods and put the two old cameras on them. The Canon with a 50 mm lens and the Zenith with 2.8-135mm. When looking through the cellphone camera through the viewfinder the result was wonderful, magical. Like watching an old movie live and in real time. Like a trip back in time. It was a wonder that came from Poland and landed in Havana. It was a wish fulfilled.


14 October 2013

Eusebio Leal and Esteban Lazo Visit the Capitol Building / Luzbely Escobar

This Tuesday afternoon, passing in back of the Capitol, I ran into Esteban Lazo and Eusebio Leal entering through a small door in the tin fence that has been erected around the site. Some experts were showing them the restoration work taking place and, I suppose, talking as well about the results. Sadly, they did not let me pass and I had to settle for taking photos from the entryway.

It’s been said that Eusebio Leal’s time is “over” these days, but those of us who work in Old Havana have the impression that he is still at the forefront of many things.


11 October 2013


28 September / Luzbely Escobar

IMG_4076 IMG_4082 IMG_4083

In recent weeks Cuba’s official media has been trying to constantly bring the figure of Fidel Castro to the foreground. Again I hear “this idea was our commander-in-chief’s” or simply “our beloved commander-in-chief…” Recently to celebrate September 28th* the blocks were bedecked with posters of his figure. Like a multi-colored flag his face was repeated over and over in every one of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution (CDRs) in the area where I live.

I don’t like it.

*Translator’s note: The founding of the Committees for the Defense of the Revolution is celebrated on this date.

30 September 2013