Another Sunday of Repression Against the Ladies in White / 14ymedio

14ymedio, Havana, 23 August 2015 — This Sunday has resulted in dozens of arrests among activists and Ladies in White. The arrests occurred after the traditional march that the human rights movement takes along Fifth Avenue in Havana. This time, the police operation was very intense and many of those who tried to approach Santa Rita parish in Miramar were intercepted.

The regime opponent Martha Beatriz Roque reported that after 11 in the moring only 14 people had been able to reach the place, along them activists from different groups and independent journalists. For his part, the dissident Angel Moya confirmed the arrest of at least 10 opponents who had intended to accompany the Ladies in White in their Sunday walk.

After the Mass and the meeting at the Gandhi Park, several activists were repressed by groups organized by the State Security. As is usual in these acts of violence, the police put dissidents in several buses that took them to a detention center in Tarara or the place known as Vivac in the south of the capital city.